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About us

“Special Interests in assisted learning, facilitation, learning challenges, learning differences and support learning”

– more than just a tutor

About Melissa Joyce van Hal (van Oordt)

I have worked with people since my teens. I realised that I had a strong connection with people: the ability to empathise, understand and offer appropriate as well as practical advice. It is within my nature to want to help others reach their potential and see their qualities. My proudest moments are when I have changed a child’s or an individual’s life positively. I take pride in this talent and so from this I created EduHelp.

EduHelp is about helping each child realise their potential and strengths, to help them achieve socially and academically. We even include movement exercises for physical achievements – it is a hopeless feeling being the child who does not get picked for the team because they cannot catch.

My focus is facilitating children so that they can learn how to read and write with confidence and meaning. I use the senses and different learning techniques to help children work within the schooling system. My approach is unique and specialised to assist children with learning differences. I believe that a holistic approach is necessary to provide the best support and learning environment for each individual child.

One day I would like to have a full-page on personal history and the life path I took but for now hopefully this gives you some ideas of who the person behind the EduHelp is.



Experience and Qualifications (but not limited to)

  • BA Majors: History and Visual Art History (UCT)
  • BA Honours: Counselling Psychology (UNISA)
  • MA: History (UKZN)
  • BA Honours: History (UCT)
  • Psychology: (UNISA)
  • EFR Instructor (First Aid)
  • Leftnet Facilitation Level 2
  • Attend regular workshops on learning challenges, counselling, coaching, teaching and facilitation


  • 13 years working experience with adults and children learning English
  • 13 years working experience with individuals and learning challenges
  • 2 years tutoring at university level
  • 2 years working with disability students at university level
  • 2 years managerial experience in a remedial facility run by a top-class renowned remedial specialist
  • 13 years remedial experience
  • 10 years facilitation, enrichment and support learning
  • Management, Ownership and Facilitator of EduHelp
  • Diagnosed dyslexic and ADHD individual who personally understands the challenges of struggling through school
  • Another primary focus is assisting children to become more confident in class. EduHelp is a highly individualised programme that is completely different to tutoring