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Change Learning, Change Lives, Change South Africa

A massive thank you to Reader's Warehouse for their donation of Grade 12 Physical Science Study Guides for our project

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I have noticed in my line of work how little attention education is given. It is more important to have the latest gadgets and the latest clothes. Whilst, in my eyes education, health and stability are the most important things a child can be given. Education is a child's future.

The project is fairly simple:

You can pledge a) an hour of your time a month to help a child learn or volunteer at your child's school or another school b) donate one book a month to your local library/an area in needs' library c) sponsor a child to attend school (poorer areas fees are minimal) or even donate some stationary to a school d) food to a school where children frequently attend school hungry.
There is no requirement in the pledge you can choose what you would like to do (in terms of donations or time). All we ask is be part of the change South Africa desperately needs in its Educational System. We are asking you to join us. We are as involved - EduHelp gives over 10 hours of pro bono time per week as well as donations where possible - we are a very small business but still believe we can make a difference.