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2017 Fees


February Learner Workshops:

Preparing for a New School Year

  • Time Management
  • hardcopy information (inclusive)
  • Being Prepared for Challenges
  • Aims
  • Organisation

Preparing for a New School Year: High School

Preparing for a New School Year: Intermediate Phase

Date and Time to be announced.

(Limited spaces available)


EduHelp offers workshops to assist parents, teachers or anyone interested in attending. There must be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people to request a workshop. Fees for the workshops are based on the number of individuals attending. Workshops Include (but not limited to):

  • Personal Experience of Learning Challenges – understand what your child or learners experience with regards to their differences
  • Tips on how to assist learners with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia
  • Tips on how to assist learners with ADD/ADHD
  • Tips on how to assist learners with Specific Language Impairment or Auditory Processing Challenges
  • Study and Time Management

Parent Consultations

The fee is R 350 per hour.
Please understand that there is a deposit of R 150 to secure your booking. This is non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule 24 hours’ notice is applicable. If you miss an appointment you will be required to place another deposit for a new appointment. There is a form to fill in prior to session and needs to be emailed 24 hours before the appointment to get the full benefits of your appointment.

Assessment, Report and Feedback Fee

The fee is R 1500. If payment is made in full before the date of assessment the fee amount is R 1400.

Please understand there is a deposit fee of R 500 to secure your booking. This is non-refundable.

Break Down:


R 650

Report from Assessment

R 350

Feedback Fee

R 500


Monthly Fee: R 1, 310.00

Discounted Fee: R 1, 244.50 (read below)

This fee is for two half hour sessions per week. If your child attends less or more lessons the fee will be revised.



*R 150 per half hour or part thereof for time outside your child’s sessions*

The fee structure is a monthly set fee; this fee will not change over holidays. This fee is set over an 11 month period: January - November.

A set rate is charged for a full month, with no deductions for days not attended. This ensures a place is reserved for each child, giving everyone the opportunity to send their child(ren) to EduHelp.


This fee covers your child’s lessons and additional costs:

  • preparation prior to lessons each lesson is prepared for individually and in advance
  • communication with other professionals: teachers, psychologists, OT, Speech Therapists, etc. (appointments not cancelled 24 hours before hand will be charged at R 350 per hour and R 175 for half an hour - you as the parent will be held liable for this fee).
  • parent meetings (2 hours per year if outside your child’s session)
  • the cost of the majority of the materials needed – which is rapidly increasing.


Benefits of Early Payments and Consequences of Late Payments:

EduHelp payments are January to November. If you pay before the 27th of the month you will receive the 5% discount. If you fail to pay by the 27th the previously given 5% discount will be removed. Therefore, you will be expected to pay the full fees. Any payments after the 1st, without prior consultation with EduHelp will result in financial penalties and warnings will follow. If payment is not made by the 5th of the month lessons will be curtailed. Accounts outstanding will be forwarded to a debt collector after a 30 day period.

You are liable for the monthly fees and invoices will be sent out prior to the 27th of each month. One calendar month's (30 days) notice is required for cancellation of attendance at EduHelp. If notice is not received you are liable for the full month’s fee. Cancellation due to holiday periods with the intention to continue after the holiday period will result in your child losing their slot at EduHelp. The holiday periods fees are to assist in providing your child with up to date material, allowing EduHelp to provide the best facilities for your child and to avoid charging for extra materials.

Please note: I do not have extra supervision for children not having a lesson (hence the importance of dropping off and collecting your child on time) neither do I have a receptionist to take calls (so kindly email as it allows me to reply to you when I am free).

You are obliged to drop off and collect your child on time and that a leeway period of 5 minutes prior and after your lesson will be given, thereafter you will be billed R 150 for every half hour and part thereof. Time that is outside of your child’s slot directly impacts the child’s slot who is prior or after your child. Please remain courteous and respect that each child is given individual attention and this is not possible if your child is present during their session.

*Terms and Conditions Apply* - "you are bound to the terms and conditions should your child attend EduHelp regardless. The terms and conditions are available on EduHelp premises and accessible at all times"